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State of the art production technology

All GLOBAL COLORS plants are equipped with state of the art twin-screw extrusion lines, including sophisticated mixing, feeding and control systems. The Group’s long experience, know-how and quality of equipment, enable Group companies to produce masterbatches with:

  • Accurate and consistent composition.
  • Excellent dispersion of pigments and additives.
  • Full colouring power of pigments and maximum efficiency of additives.
  • Trouble free dosing and processing.

Production & logistics systems of all plants are oriented towards customer satisfaction, ensuring fast and flexible response even to special requests and small batch sizes.

All polymers, pigments and additives used in Global Colors masterbatches are selected after careful testing and evaluation at laboratory and industrial scale.

Extensive laboratory facilities with sophisticated analytical instruments and pilot-scale equipment (extrusion, injection and fibre spinning among other) enable Group companies to develop custom solutions according to specific customer needs.

The Group operates on the basis of Total Quality principles, applying strict quality control procedures to all of its products and defined standards to its operations, according to ISO 9001.

State of the art production technology

Special twin screw compounders

Special twin screw compounders

Lean manufacturing


Standardized, production, processes


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